Barr. Tabe Ma'Enow

We are a Christian and apolitical non-profit body Created in 2013 to train the Orphan/Vulnerable child in schools and vocational centers from scratch to finish and also to develop underprivileged societies in Cameroon and Africa by providing solar panels, bore-hole water pumps, seeds,fertilizers and farm equipment to farmers, we also start-up community businesses/small companies such as poultry farms, oil mills and others. The Ma'EnowTabe Trust Fund Association(Organization) has impacted many lives and communities through their various out-reach and empowerment programs, it is always our pleasure to put a smile on a person's face and hope in their hearts.


Our Organization is structured into three organs; the Trustee/President, the Board of Trustees and the Members, membership is open to people of goodwill and love around the world and there is absolutely no fee required to join, all volunteers and welcome. We started back then as The Miebaka and Ma'Enow Foundation, a non-profit body that came to bring aid and relief to the elderly and Orphans, in 2014, the organization became The Ma'EnowTabe Fund and in 2015 we became the Ma'EnowTabe Trust Fund Association (Org.)


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Our Motivation

Our Mission and Vision

Our motivation is “Love”, embedded in John 3: 16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. (NKJV)

We are dedicated to training the Orphan/Vulnerable child from scratch to finish and also to develop underprivileged communities in Cameroon, Africa.

Our Mission is to use Policy, Advocacy and the Trust Fund to create and hold long term security/ stability for the Orphan/Vulnerable child as a reliable and independent means to guarantee continuity of the education until a time when the Orphan can cater/provide for himself. We also build solid ‘bed-rock’ sustainability schemes to keep our projects maintained and long lasting.

Children Rights Protection

Education and Training of the Orphan Child

Human Rights Activist

Community Development


Hold Security in Trust for the Orphans


Our Members


Program Manager


Mrs. Vicky GARVIN,



Maitre Frida BENGA,

Yaounde, Cameroon.


Counsel Ralphe FUCETOLA,

      New Jersey, USA


Mr. NGEDE Fidelis,

TechAfrica, CDR


Mrs. Anna Berghall E.T,

Helsinki, Finland.


Mr. Taiwo ADEYEFA,

London, UK.


Barr. BISONG Derrick,

Kumba, Cameroon


Ms. Eyong Claudia,

Douala, Cameroon


Mr. Akem Ferdinand

Yaoundé, Cameroon.


Mr. Solomon Tembang,

Limbe, Cameroon.


Ms. Ella-Rosine Bechem,

Buea, Cameroon


Ms. Tracy Laurette Besong,

Malmo, Sweden


Ms. Gemmie-Whesley Motuba

Buea, Cameroon.


Mrs. Babette Fomo,

Yaounde, Cameroon.


Pastor Cyril Agbor,

Buea, Cameroon.


Mr. Njie Enow Ebai,

Public Relations Officer.


Mrs. Holly McChristy,



Barr. Maliba Gaforbe,

Douala, Cameroon


Mr. Ojong Ndoma,

Douala, Cameroon.





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